The problem with writing papers

One of the college students I work with recently emailed me this: "I need to produce an outline for a term paper this semester (completing the outline is an actual assignment, due Monday, April 7) and I would like to meet for your assistance on … [Read more]

Hate to beat a dead horse…

I recently received an email from a teacher of one of my middle school clients. It opened, "The binder I ask students to maintain has sections for: (1) Literature Notes, (2) Writing & Grammar Notes, (3) Vocabulary, (4) SSR entries, and (5) … [Read more]

The homestretch

There's a lot going on at end of the school year: Spring fever diverts energy, everyone's getting excited for summer. Although standardized testing is pretty much over, teachers are now stressed about "covering" the remaining content for the … [Read more]

Two Types of Kids

Detail oriented and structured. Linear, sequential, step by step, left brained, focused, organized, good listeners, strong students, on top of things, responsible, concrete, practical, regulated, likes rules, facts, safe, on time, follows directions, … [Read more]

Clean Slate

New semester = clean slate. I work with a lot of students right before a semester begins so they can get a strong start. From grade school to grad school, here's what I do with many students: Backpack Empty it, clean it out. Ask what they use each … [Read more]


Yesterday I met with a new student who wants help with organization. I asked her to tell me how she tries to organize and she showed me her 3 ring binder. Any of you who know me know I'm not a fan of the binder for most of the kids I work with. It's … [Read more]

Quick Organizational Overhaul

Some students seem to get organization through osmosis, but many need a great deal of direct and specific guidance in order to develop their style. Simply speaking, some kids systematize more naturally than others and regular overhauls make a big … [Read more]

Just Throw it Away.

Look, teachers pass out a lot of "stuff." Whether you’re working with a first grader or a grad student, help them develop the habit of taking a half hour every weekend to go through the backpack/locker/desk and eliminate the clutter. This … [Read more]

Great Teachers

Great teachers don’t teach school, they teach people. They don’t “control” their classes, they lead individuals to thrive. They don’t get kids “caught up,” they meet learners where they’re at and inspire curiosity... Without … [Read more]

World Domination


It's July 5th, 2013 and I'm heading to the World Domination Summit in Portland, OR. This conference has had a tremendous influence on how I've built my blog.  It has been life-changing to be surrounded by the energy of a bunch of people trying to … [Read more]