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24 Tips for better sleep

Far too many of my students have sleep problems, yet good sleep is one of the foundations for optimizing brain function and learning. Fortunately, after talking with countless students about this … [Read More...]

Seth Godin

“Stop Stealing Dreams”

If you haven't read this yet, it's time. It's called Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?) by Seth Godin. It's one of my favorites, something I've read several times. I consider it a … [Read More...]

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Finally! (A personal note to you)

Hello! Here's a more personal video for you, my awesome audience. Please check it out. What's it about? Finally, I finished my Student Success Toolkit minicourse. It's intended to give brand new … [Read More...]


What’s your Prioritization Style?

How to get better with priorities Every week I work with the most amazing group of outside-the-box learners. All are right-brained students who struggle with some combination of executive function … [Read More...]